Mars Candy Company Event Art Print

This has been one of my most prestigious and gigantic illustration gigs to date, and I’m so proud of it. The name recognition of “Mars Candy” alone has been enough to make me feel way more legit (or, if we’re honest, to make me look more legit to others when i name-drop).

    This job came to me after a Mars exec found me on Etsy. She reached out and told me about the scope of the project (without the company name), and asked for a quote. It was a big project, and I quoted it as such. I was nervous sending the numbers- I wasn’t sure if it was a mom-and-pop shop in East Texas or if it was the United Nations, but I quoted where I felt fair for the project and I am SO GLAD that I did.

    The project was to create an art piece that combined my New Orleans print (seen below) and their “Make the Difference” effort, which recognizes outstanding achievement in specific areas for exceptional employees. They were having an event (which I understand to be a sort of award ceremony,)  in New orleans, hence the print.


    The colors were really important, and can be difficult to pinpoint when working with watercolors, so I was nervous about painting the logos. I both physically printed out the logo and had it up on a screen in front of me to try to match as well as I could.


    On top of the art print itself (which I created once and then scanned/vectored/copied), the event planner wanted a few heavy-hitters named to be handlettered across the top.


    The order was overnighted to New Orleans, to a very happy Mars team and event planner! It was so much fun to be able to combine their logo and brand with mine. I was sort of repeatedly (happily)  shocked with the amount of freedom they gave me. Here’s the final product!


colors may be different depending on your screen settings

colors may be different depending on your screen settings