Favorite Apps for Business

Hey there! 

As i was scrolling through my phone this week, I realized there are a few apps that I absolutely LOVE. Some are obvious: instagram, facebook, etc, but some may not be. I wanted to create a blog post that featured some of my favorites, and hope to get some feedback on your favorites, too! None are sponsored, just a big fan of apps-for-business over here. Without anymore delay: 



I'm obsessed with trello. Honestly, I prefer the desktop version just because I prefer typing on the computer to typing on my phone, but trello is such a hub for me and all my business-happenings that I still probably use the app every day. Love love love Trello! Helps me stay organized and on the ball with all my many lists. 


Love Mile IQ! It tracks all my mileage and trips automatically and then calculates the value. I just go in periodically and swipe each drive as "business" or "personal". Super super easy! Gonna be grateful for this guy come tax-time 2018




If you've been around me....ever....you've probably seen me neurotically checking this app. My boyfriend says I check it more than instagram. He seriously might be right. It tracks all my packages in one place and is color-coded depending on what the status of the package is. It can also give push notifications when the status changes. IM OBSESSED. 


Double-header here because these two seriously go hand in hand. Everyone knows Square is a necessity for in-person selling in 2017, but Dashboard can be a lifesaver. It goes bigger-picture with sales and can show more reports day to day or at different devices. 

SEll on Etsy

Sell on Etsy 

For Etsy Sellers. You know what to do. Gives the shop backend interface that ya need. What more can I say? 

shipstation for business.jpg





Shipstation App 

Love this one! I use Shipstation for all my wholesale and website sales, so I love keeping on top of what needs to go out and what is en route to its destination. Super easy interface, easily connects with stamps.com. Big fan over here. 




Google Calendar Apps for Business



Google Calendar 

I know paper planners are all the rage but dang, i just can't get into it. Love love love using google calendar for everything and that everything can be color-cooooordinnaaateeddd (sung) 




for Photos 

Snug App for Business


I LOVE the Snug app. It lets you preview your instagrams in your own grid before you post which is SO helpful when trying to keep a consistent feed. 



Love Snapseed! super easy and intuitive photo editing with lots of export options. I usually just use the "Tools" and not the "Looks" options


ColorStory .jpeg


Love this app for editing photos, especially when adding fun weird edits or color fogs. Lots of paid features, but mine have been worth it! I use Color Fog and Skies Over