Boss Gifts : An Honest Gift Guide for the Creative Entrepreneur

Alright: this is a special one. There's something about being friends with a creative entrepreneur (especially with those of you that are close friends with us) : you see the sleepless nights, the stress, the struggles, and the long hours. But you also see the victories: the successful events, the viral products, the days that make it all worth it. You know how much we super, super care. Hopefully, you also super care. 

So- what do you get the boss friend? What can you buy someone that will show that you're supportive and invested not only in them, but in their business? Or, the real question: what do you get the friend whose hobby, weekends, and interests are all really just THEIR BUSINESS? 

LUCKY YOU, i've been brainstorming. This is not a definitive list and there are so many other gift ideas (perhaps a part II will have to be created), but I think its a strong sort. Shoot me your suggestions if you think I left something out!

(I've organized them into categories for your browsing pleasure) 

Physical Tools + Gifts

DSLR Camera ($352+ for Certified Refurbished) 

Or maybe just a portion of one. They can get pricey. (lots of other options online) 

Tripod (Octopus $29.95 or Regular $12.96

So helpful! You don't know you need it until you have it. Or maybe you do. ANYWAY, I'm obsessed with my octopus tripod and use it constantly for stop motion. 

iPad Pro (starting at $649) + Apple Pencil ($117.49) 

MY LIFE. I seriously use both every single day. Perfect gift bonus: a sick case like the one my boyfriend, Jim, got me last year for Christmas

GoPro Hero+ ($139.99)

Video content is about to take over the world! Help your boss bud get ready 

Square Card Reader ($6.37)

Helpful for any entrepreneur that accepts payment. So...any entrepreneur. 

Portable Phone Charger ($13.99 but there's a zillion kinds) 

SO HELPFUL for me at markets- but also seems great for photographers/videographers on long shoot or wedding days! 

Noise- Cancelling Headphones ($329) 

For working in airports! Or coffeeshops! Or hiding from your kids, so I'm told. 

Moleskin Notebook ($17.96) 

For notes! and ideas! and brainstorms and band name ideas in the middle of the night. 

Foam Roller ($8.75) / Back Massager (Back Buddy $29.95)

Not a joke. My foam roller is my best friend after a long day of computer work. 

Arm Support Pad for Computer ($10.99)

Carpal Tunnel sufferers, unite! Or better yet: PREVENT arm/wrist/elbow pain before it starts! 

SD Memory Cards

Self Explanatory. A good alternative to an expensive camera! 

Subscription Services

Yearlong Tailwind Subscription ($9.99 mo/$119.88 yearly) 

Tailwind is my most recent obsession! I'm loving using it to schedule my pinterest posts. It's also available for instagram, though I haven't ventured into that yet. YAY for automation!! and delegating!! Making more time for naps. Which are important.

Squarespace Subscription (starts at $16/mo or $144/yearly) 

ESSENTIAL. If not squarespace, this is great for whichever web hosting/designing software you love most (Wix, Shopify, wordpress, you do you). Websites are basically non-negotiables in 2017, so help your fave Boss have a GOORgeous one. Imagine your pet creative entrepreneur thinking of YOU every time they think about their website. So, approx. 1000 times/day. 

Subscription to Amazon Prime ($33 for 3 months or $99 for 12 months) 

Need i say more? 2-day shipping. Anything in the world (it seems). *praise hands emoji* 

Quickbooks Subscription (starting at $10/month) 

Not fun or sexy, but so so necessary. Keep all your books in order and make your year-end NOT a nightmare. You'll be a lifesaver in the long run!! 

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription (All Apps : $74.99/mo or Single App $19.99/mo) 

THE HOLY GATEKEEPER TO ALL THINGS CREATIVE. Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, InDesign...a zILLION others. In 1000 lifetimes they could probably not ever burn through all the capabilities and programs that are included in this bad boy. A verrryyyy rad gift. 

Trello Subscription (Business Class is $9.99/mo per user) 

Love me some TRELLO! I keep so many lists and schedules and ideas in here, and with the paid version you can super customize everything and add a zillion attachment type things. I'm not explaining it well, but it is definitely worth it. 

Truly Helpful Gift Cards

(not gonna explain these- if you found this blog, you probably understand the principles of gift cards) 

Starbucks Gift Card

Visa Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card 

Lowes Gift Card

Hourly Sessions + Services

These are all 100% legit suggestions. Self care is SO IMPORTANT. Not going to link anything up as these are usually local businesses -  find local people whenever possible!!

Photography Session 

Therapy Session 

A Massage 

Yoga / Gym Membership or Gift Card 

Maid Service / Nice Vacuum / Roomba 

Session with a CPA or lawyer 

Conferences / Education

Online courses  (Creative Live, Skillshare, Brit + Co, Craftsy) 

Weekend conferences (I've attended the Illume Retreat, Society for Creative Works, Create + Cultivate, Creative Works, and Creative at Heart conferences) 

One-on-one coaching sessions