Gear Gifts : a Gift Guide for the Guitarist Boyfriend/Husband

OK. So. let me start this by saying: I think i probably know more guitarist girlfriends, fiancés and wives than girlfriends, wives, etc of non-guitar players. I wish i was joking. There are SO MANY guitarist S.O.'s around me and as one myself, I've struggled for 4 years of dating to scavenge out the perfect gift. Here's the problem when you're dating a total gear nerd: they love gear that is JUST REALLY VERY EXPENSIVE and even if you were the generous-of-spirit-and-of-wallet angel that would throw down $450 for that dream (lets be real, dream-at-the-moment) pedal, in 6 weeks they'll be selling it for something that they saw their favorite guitarist have on his board in the corner of an instagram story for .04 seconds. 

Its a vicious cycle. 

SO seeing as their deep, abiding passion is guitars and guitar accessories will break the bank and then BREAK YOUR HEART when you watch them inevitably scoot out the door in a UPS box to a stranger on the gear page, LETS FIND SOME ALTERNATIVES.

Note: this blog post was written with approval and suggestions from a RLGB (Real Life Guitarist Boyfriend) Jim Bugg (or affectionally known to many as jimbugg, one word), so you can trust me.  

1. Knick Knack Nachos, $45

These seem like the cosmetic bag of guitar guys- just throw in picks and candy corn and idk, whatever else is laying around and store it all nice and tidy in a KNICK KNACK NACHO PS is that not the cutest little name you've ever HEARD (it comes in 5 colors) 

2. Cord Taco, $16

Ok very simply, it organizes cords. I'm not sure what else to tell you about it, except it handy to avoid the deep, gutteral, "YEARRGGG" noise anyone makes when they pull out tangled headphone cords. Though i guess apple is cordless now, so....anyway here's wonderwall.

3. Cord Organizer, $55

See  "Cord Taco" **

**slightly fancier and also more expensive, do with that what you will 

4. Glass Slide ($23ish) 

Ok Jim gave me two options on this, "the one he actually uses" (not available on Prime) and "one he would use" which is available with Prime, (sounds bad but still high praise, i promise, he's gr8 but A LITTLE PARTICULAR when it comes to guitar matters) 

also ladies (or whoever) in case you are reading this and don't know what that is or how it works, i wanted to find you a picture of someone playing with it and i typed "glass slide" into google and this is what i found. 


if i'm honest its better than anything i could have hoped for. Glass Slide. *kisses fingers* 

5. Any Pelican Case ($25-$500, but if you're gonna spend $500, spend it on something cooler) 

OK SO HERE'S THE THING WITH PELICAN CASES: its basically a box and they can cut out special little shapes inside to store everything they want in foam. Does that sound like the single most boring thing on this earth? yes. i'm with you. But apparently it is great fun and very satisfying to make small boxes inside a bigger box. I think it seems like a really great opportunity to, say, cut out the shape of a bag of Doritos and just wait to see if anyone picks up on the hint. Or better yet, a PELICAN SHAPE. feels like false advertising if the box doesn't double as a perfectly shaped bed for a real, live pelican. 

6. Souldier Straps ($30-$50) 

Souldier Straps! They are straps! For the guitar! Or un camera! But in this instance, guitar. I think they're cool and pretty, and also they come as headbands and Jim gave me one that matched a strap he has. Come to think of it, maybe I should have come first and the guitar should have MATCHED ME. JJJIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMMMMM????

7. Pick and Strings 

OK i don't have a link for this because there are literally SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS and it was overwhelming, but string and picks always seem to be a good bet. I guess. Honestly never given this as a gift, but every guys has to run out of strings eventually, right? Anybody? HellOOO? *echo echo echo* ok cool

8. Guitar Stand ($39.99-$79.99)

So akin to the slides ^^ we've got a couple of options: 

This guy holds one guitar ($39.99)

This guy holds three guitars ($79.99) 

(Can i make a rack city joke or is that in bad taste) 


9. MONO M80 Guitar Case, $229

YEs omg $229 a lot of money i understand, however according to JB it's really wonderful because "it’s super well made and their warranty / customer service is excellent (I’ve had a case replaced for free after the zipper wore out) and they offer basically the same protection as a hard case cuz they have hard sides but they’re super portable and easy to fly with and really handy because of all the pockets / organization"

so there we go, what more can i say? probably not anything very helpful

(if $229 didn't throw you off too badly, there's also a double case option for $329) 

10. Guitar Design Patent Blueprint (Range of prices starting at $19.99)

SO this one seems pretty cool and there are a few out there so maybe if you know enough stuff, you could find like the specific print for a guitar that they like? IDK if there are like a zillion of these guys floating around but anyway, very cool gift, could be framed up a zillion different ways and would seem like a pretty schmancy gift (while staying pretty inexpensive) 

11. Guitar Tuner - TC Poly Tune Mini ($89.99)

Direct recommendation from Mr. Jim Bugg himself, seems like a pretty safe bet if your guy needs himself a tuner. 

12. Guitar Capo - g7th Performance 2 ($39) 

Another JB recommendation, similar to the tuner, not a ton to say about it except v useful, always good to have backups if your guy already has one.

13. Crosley CR8005D-BK Cruiser Deluxe Portable 3-Speed Turntable with Bluetooth, Black ($62.72) 

WOW what a title. I mean, if he likes playing music, chances are, he likes listening to it too. Am i right, ladies? Whole lotta options all over Amazon. 

14. Yosoo Outdoor Multifunctional Pocket Mini Tool Screwdriver Set 2 Key Stainless Steel Keychain(Black) ($6.99) 

AGAIN what a title. This just seems useful all the time, but maybe especially in guitar-related scenarios? Or not. But just seems useful. So there we go. 

15. Electric Guitar Maintenance Kit ($79.99) 

HOW USEFUL. Lets end this on a hella useful note, shall we? Make them think of you every time they fix something! Which seems like probably a lot. Jim wants/recommends this guy which is $79.99, but there's also this one which seems slightly less specific but probably also super useful and is just $23.99

So thats what I've got!! I'm pretty proud of this lil listy list that I've put together and I feel like any one of these could be a super great gift for your guitar boi. 

Thanks for reading!!