The Perfect, Most Personal Dog Box

Oh my goodness. Where to begin?? I just today received literally the most perfect, adorable, new-dog-mom box for my greyhound Moose from Amanda Morris and I am FREAKING OUT. Seriously- it is all so personal and adorable and I'm obsessed. and GOOD NEWS I'm about to blog literally all of it so if you want to be an amazing beautiful friend and give another new dog mom a gift box, you're gonna have every lil perfect link you could possibly need. 

Did I mention this is all amazing and that I'm obsessed and so excited? AMANDA. YOU DOG. HA. DOG. DOG JOKES. I'm so excited. Seriously, i feel so loved. 

Also: if you don't already know, Amanda makes AMAZING and gorgeous cookie creations. Literally, her work is unbelievable and allllmost too good to eat...except that its also delicious, so you have to eat it. You just have to. Follow her on instagram here, and on facebook here! 

How cute is this?? Every MOOSE needs an antler?? I mean seriously. 


One of Amanda's own creations!! I mean seriously- how adorable is that little greyhound cookie? Confession, I've already eaten this. I'm so sorry. It all happened so fast. Did i mention you can follow Amanda on instagram and that she's a cookie genius? 


Dog COOKIE CUTTER. yes. I can literally make the cutest dog bones ever, or potentially make myself some cookies that celebrate Moose. I want to buy cookie dough right now. How cute are these?? These bad boys are from ThreeDGeek on Etsy and there are so so many options. 


LIL BB KANGAROO ok so moose immediately ripped the tag off of this one, not really sure where its from, but he's obsessed with it and it squeaks and everything is wonderful. 


How adorable is this tape from Craft Smith?? If you order from my shop today your order may or may not, but definitely will, be very very very dog-themed. 


WHAT A PERFECT COMPANION FOR THE DOG BONE COOKIE CUTTER. AHH. This dog treat cookbook is about to get more time than my human food cookbooks, probably. No, definitely. 


*crying* IS THIS NOT THE MOST PERSONAL BOX EVER?? Amanda got this decal from Jenn's Craft Room on Etsy and there's a zillion breeds to choose from. Also, bonus: comes with application instructions. 

Ok but ARE YOU SEEING THIS. This is Amanda's sweet Boston Terrier Arlo, except as a toy, with an adorable tag.  It is Moose's FAVORITE so far. He's obsessed. See below for evidence. He's so in love. 

I mean. cmon. Hollywood Feed gift card. does it get better. 

And mega mega sweet, personal touches EVERYWHERE. Is this girl for real??

THANK YOU so much Amanda!!! Moose is OBSESSEDD with everything and I'm obsessed with you!!!