Self Care Sunday + Free Printable Flow Chart

HEEEEEY guys! So, this time of year is absolutely insane for me (and anyone working any sort of retail) + this week I think has been a tough one on a lot of people. Fires, shootings, politics…we’re all exhausted, and we probably all need a glass of wine and a hot bath. My weekend has been a ton of work but also a ton of self care (working out, a hot bath, facemask, and lets be real….a giant cookie cake slice from the great american cookie co that just opened by my house). As i was brainstorming all the things I could do to show myself some love, I thought, “there’s deeeffinitely an instagram in this somewhere.” and WHALA!

I loved seeing everyones DMs + comments so much, that i decided to offer it as a free printable download! because lets be real….we all need some self care right now. Both the Color version and the Black and white version are formatted for 8.5 x 11 in. printer paper. Please tag me in your photos!! The color version doesn’t include the pink background, just the pink boxes. ENJOY! Love, SLB

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