come work with us!!


Interested in working with us? YAY! 

We're a small but mighty all-female team slinging orders and taking names. We need a little bit more help with our day-to-day packaging operations, which is where you come in! 

The Job 

We're looking for someone detail-oriented who is really satisfied by this photo. 

grilled cheese.jpg

Haha. Also, that looks delicious. But on the real: the job is to come to Sarah's house twice weekly (or 3x if we're prepping for a market or event, if it's a big sales week, and in Nov/Dec) and pack and ship all retail and wholesale orders. Orders will be ready with a packing label and a receipt, and you'll be managing the packaging and getting them out into our pickup box. You'll keep tabs on any orders with delays or that are backordered and make sure they get out the door ASAP. Gotta love big dogs. 

There will also most likely be events on the weekends at markets or events, in which case you'll be chatting with people, making sales, packing orders and helping with setup/teardown. Definitely opportunity for you to expand and help out in other areas of the business if you're interested. 

This is a paid internship ($8/hr), Aug 2017-Dec 2017. Savannah and Sarah will show you the ropes of packaging at first, and one or both will usually be around while you're working. Each packing session will probably take between an hour and 1.5 hours. This position works well with college-aged students, but we're flexible!

The Vibe 

we like to have fun! I (Sarah) expect you to work hard and be efficient, and i love the phrase "surprise and delight" - surprise and delight our customers with quick shipping and awesome service, surprise and delight the other team members by being a wonderful presence to be around, and surprise and delight yourself by doing a really, really great job that you can feel good about at the end of the day. We'll probably be having some team dinners at my house, and I look forward to getting to know you. Our relationship is definitely professional first and friend-vibes second. I'm a young boss, but still the boss. (applications accepted until Aug 30, 2017) 

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