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Sarah Baumann

Title : Founder / Illustrator 

Favorite SS Product : Probably the Charleston print? Or Rhodes. I love how those turned out!

Favorite ice cream : CHURRO FROM JENI'S AHHHH

Favorite GIF: i regret nothing chicken because LOOK AT HIM GO


Grace Kappers

Title : Shop Assistant / Packaging Superhero

Favorite SS Product :  cincinnati print (i’m biased, what can i say)

Favorite ice cream : mint chocolate chip

Favorite GIF


Medora Neely

Title : Wholesale Champion / Google Doc Sensei Master 

Favorite SS Product : THE dallas print is my favorite because it has all my favorite things about dallas on one print!!! It is nice to look at it and remember why I love where I grew up!

Favorite ice cream : cookies and cream

Favorite GIF