Hi! I'm sarah. I'm in 99th percentile for being an extrovert. I love color, candy, tassels, and my rescue greyhound, Moose. 

Hey! I'm Sarah!


I'm originally from San Antonio, Texas, and moved to Memphis to go to Rhodes College. I started my business while a student at Rhodes, and took it full time after graduation! I'm now based in Nashville, TN


I love spending time with my rescue pup Moose, eating copious amounts of candy, and doodling on my ipad. This entrepreneurial journey has been a crazy ride, but I'm so thrilled that this is my full-time job and that I can do something that I love. If you want to know what I'm doing right this second, you can prooobably find out by watching my instagram stories. 


I'm a big big fan of Parks and Recreation (the show), SCUBA diving, my new nephew John William, and making internet friends. Come follow along! 



the story behind the cities

I'm so interested in cities and their importance, and I feel lucky to have two cities that I call home (San Antonio, Texas, and Memphis, TN). I started doodling "city prints" (before they had that name) while I was studying abroad as a Rhodes College student- I didn't have much of a desire to journal, but I wanted a way to remember everything that I was seeing. I would write out the name of the city really big in the middle, and then doodle around the edges- buildings, people, foods, snippits of conversations. It was a fun way for me to process what was happening, and people traveling with me started noticing them and encouraged me to do something with my doodles. 

There are now many of these "city prints" in my shop, and I love the stories that they tell. My favorite thing is hearing about people buying multiple prints, and telling their story to guests and friends through them. 

Thank you so much for following along!


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